Our passion is helping people's dreams about owning their dog come true. Well mannered, lovable family members!

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Digg It Dog Training is your answer to having an amazing Pacific Northwest dog. The kind of dog, who can accompany you to the local coffee shop, is your favorite buddy while hiking the trails or your loving companion on a lazy day... without destroying your home. The philosophy is simple, “Love the dog you have by parenting him, so you can have a dog you love!”


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To date, I have worked with dogs for more than 15 years. Whether it was serendipity or old-fashion luck, I am blessed to have started my career with one of the top dog training pioneers in the Northwest. From the time they took me under their wings I have made it my pursuit to study dogs and their behavior. The education I have received is both hands on and scholastic, honing my craft with over a decade of intense mentorship, “in the field” work, classes, seminars, and other diverse scholastic avenues.




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