Board and Train Programs

Digg It Dog Training has specialized Board n’ Training programs for puppies and dogs, big or small, good or… challenging and for your dog too! This is a wonderful option for anyone who needs a great head start in their dog’s obedience training. It’s also ideal for enhancing your dog’s skill while you go on vacation or address behaviors that would benefit from professional intervention. And remember sometimes it’s easier to maintain a trained dog then to train one! 

We call our innovative technique “hybrid training”, taking the best of each training philosophy and style and leaving the rest behind. We start each dog’s training in a low distraction atmosphere then build up to more difficult environments preparing them for the real world while minimizing their chances of failing. We want them to succeed! So we show each dog our expectations, building their confidence at whatever is being asked of our k9 companions. The first week is all about training in our home and around our neighborhood. We get a solid foundation in the basics: Sit, Down, Wait, and loose leash manners. Week two field trips begin, it’s time to get out in public and sharpen their skills. Our goal is simple we want you to be able to take your pooch to the local coffee shop or go on a hike, as fast as you can say “a grande non-fat no-foam extra hot Chai tea latte!”  

When your dog arrives at Digg It Dog, he/she will not start their formal training for the first couple days. There is a transition period during which your dog needs to socialize, meet their new friends and relax. This interaction is very important, meeting their fellow campers and adjust to their surrounding allows for a smooth transition to training. Once your four-legged friend has had time to adjust, we get to work. Also the limited number of dogs allowed in our programs ensures each will receive quality time, individualized attention, and personal care during their stay.