About Digg It Dog Training

Digg It Dog Training is your answer to having an amazing Pacific Northwest dog. The kind of dog, who can accompany you to the local coffee shop, is your favorite buddy while hiking the trails or your loving companion on a lazy day... without destroying your home. The philosophy is simple, “Love the dog you have by parenting him, so you can have a dog you love!”
We are located in Bothell, WA within a quaint well-established family neighborhood, full of kids, dogs, cats, rabbits and more. It's a great environment for dogs to learn how to become well-mannered family members, which is why our unique approach to boarding and Board n’ Training is so effective. The key is all dogs boarding with us or enrolled in our Board n’ Training programs live in our home. This is similar to living in their own home with one big difference; they’re living with a trainer and a handful of furry friends. The socialization they receive is always supervised and your k9 companion is matched with like-minded friends and older mentor dogs. 



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