About Nate Benjamin

I've loved animals ever since I can remember and was lucky enough to have a family that shared and cultivated my affection for all creatures. When I was a young boy my mom would discover me trading my oatmeal cookies to the dog for his biscuits, sneaking all the neighborhood animals into our home and “rescuing” every wild animal I could catch. Although I tried desperately to convince her to start a sanctuary in our home, my childhood dream of working with animals would not happen for many years. In 1997 I was introduced to dog training through my older sister, Nichole. At that time she was a competition obedience dog trainer, service dog trainer and a breeder of German Shepherd Dogs as well as Corgi’s. In 2002 I became reacquainted with dog training when my sister started working with a new service dog and asked me to tag along. I didn’t know it at the time but working with her would change my life and introduce me to my mentors Dave and Becky Bishop, owners of Puppy Manners. 

To date, I have worked with dogs for more than 15 years. Whether it was serendipity or old-fashion luck, I am blessed to have started my career with one of the top dog training pioneers in the Northwest. From the time they took me under their wings I have made it my pursuit to study dogs and their behavior. The education I have received is both hands on and scholastic, honing my craft with over a decade of intense mentorship, “in the field” work, classes, seminars, and other diverse scholastic avenues. However my experience working with top national and international dog trainers and dog behavior experts has been the highlight of my education! 

During my time as the “Lead Dog Trainer” at one of the most reputable dog training establishments in the Northwest, our small team taught over 35,000 students in group classes. In addition to teaching thousands of private lessons, I built their Board n’ Training programs where I personally trained over a thousand dogs and coached thousands of clients. I’ve also had the pleasure of mentoring people to become effective dog trainers and am proud to have contributed a significant part in the winning team of multiple dog training awards, including "Best of 425" magazine, "Best of 206" magazine, "Best of Western WA", and "Best of the North West" for dog training excellence. In a nutshell helping people build better relationships with their four legged friends is my passion!