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iDog 201

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This class is specifically designed for students who have taken “iDog 100” and are looking for the next step, a challenge with advanced work! You will need permission from your “iDog 100” instructor to enroll as each student in this advanced class must meet some minimum skill requirements such as: Knowing all basic commands: sit, down, wait, stay, loose leash walking, and the beginnings of “come here”, etc. Also important to note, your dog will need to know these commands without a treat and hold them for a minimum of 60 seconds.

If you’re a repeating iDog 201 you might notice that each session is different. The goal is to use the “Basics commands” from previous classes as a platform for advanced training and growing our dogs into great citizens. We don’t follow a strict syllabus in this class instead we teach using example from our unpredictable lives. The field trip week 6 is one example advanced work with unpredictability as it’s held at local public venue such as the famers market, Redmond Town Center, Molbaks, etc. This will help us practice in the real world what we have been working on in class. So bring your willingness to learn and do homework and you will find your dog is one of "the Northwest's best!"  

What should you bring to class?

  • You, your family and your dog. Training class is a family affair! 
  • Proof of VACCINATIONS is required the day your class starts. Your dog must be current on all vaccinations (Bordetella/ Kennel Cough vaccination is among those). If possible please have your vet administer the Bordetella vaccine a minimum 2 weeks before your class starts. 
  • Proof of a clean fecal test within the last 6 months is required the day your class starts. 
  • Bring something that you know your dog likes to chew on. 
  • Also bring soft chewable treats.
  • Leash requirements are: Please use a standard 5 foot or 6 foot leash. "Flexi leashes" or leashes that can retract are prohibited! These types of leashes are not allowed in or around the classroom. Only a fixed five to six foot length leash is acceptable.

Doggy Playtime:

Socialized playtime is held at the end of each iDog 201 class. This is different from our other classes where playtime takes place in the beginning. The idea is our dogs need to learn how to work before playing and to learn how to handle the frustration of seeing other dogs that they want to interact with but might not get to. Our four legged friends should not expect us to let them play anytime they want or before practicing good manners. It’s actually the opposite, because your pooch is being good, you give them the reward of play time.


You must obtain permission from the instructor to attend Digg It Dog Training classes if your dog has shown, shows, or is suspected of having aggression issues. You are required to find your class instructor and tell him / her about your dog’s behavior before bringing him/her into the classroom or letting them out of your vehicle if permission is given to attend. If you have questions about whether your dog is eligible for one of Digg It Dog Training’s classes please contact us and explain your situation.

Note: Aggressive dogs are not allowed in our classes or allowed to participate in free play. 

Attention, Dog Trainers or Dog professionals: If you plan on signing up for our classes or know you will be attending we required you email us prior. This is a professional courtesy making us aware that you would like to attend. If accepted into our classes you are required to remove your “trainer’s hat” and are ONLY participate as a student. You are not allowed to advertise, solicit to, or train any Digg It Dog Training’s students/ clients. 

Things to know:

  • Prerequisite: Dogs must have completed the iDog 100 class and or have an instructor’s permission to enroll in “iDog 201”.

  • All dogs must be on leash (attached to a leash) from the moment they leave the car to go into class until class is over and they’re back in your car.

  • Puppies and dogs are NOT to greet each other on leash- at all.

  • Dogs over the age of 9 months must be spayed or neutered.

  • Children attending class: Kids age 7 and older are welcome in class if they are non disruptive. If you bring multiple kiddos to class we require a minimum two adults attend the class the kiddos are attending. Please keep in mind every person attending our classes has paid the tuition and it is not fair to them if our younger people are making it difficult to concentrate or listen to the lessons. We appreciate your consideration.