Raves and Reviews!

You might get a kick out of this - my kids watched the new Star Wars movie tonight, and my daughter’s comment after was “I’m pretty sure Nate uses the force on Sam”
— Christa
We started using the vinegar spray bottle with Maggie for the barking & she’s doing great! Tonight she hasn’t barked once & there’s our neighbors dog out in their yard the whole time barking. I just can’t thank you enough for your help. We plan on working with her for a couple more weeks and then scheduling a follow up visit with you. I just had to say thanks, it’s a life changer for us.
— April
It was great seeing Lola and the progress she has made in such a short time. I am blown away with what you have done with her. Thank you!
— A Happy Dog Owner
Benny has been the best he’s ever been! I’m so happy I decided to keep him. Thanks again for all the training/support.
— Jeff
I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for my girl (Lola). I throw your name out all the time when people comment on how well behaved my dog is. It doesn’t matter if I’m at car show or in a store. I get asked a lot how I trained her. I told the wife the other day at a car show if I had your card I couldn’t keep enough on my wallet.
— A Happy Dog Owner
Thanks again for the training session and for spending all the extra time! You have a way of demonstrating and explaining concepts in a way that is understandable and makes sense. This is the first time anyone has taken the time to do this! Actually going through each step was very helpful! Now... if I can just remember! But... that’s why I’ll look forward to more lessons! :-) There have been many times I’ve thought...we’re hopeless...and about give up!
— Jeanne, Kenny & Ryder
Thank you so much for the training. You are amazing! We will definitely be using your services again in the future.
— Carol
Wanted to let you know that Roo was a CHAMP on the road trip. She is a mountain biking star. Did great staying with me… seemed to know her place was behind the bike.

We saw deer and she didn’t chase them… didn’t need to use the e-collar to stop her. Learned that the Southwest can be a tough environment for a dog. Super hot, cactus and nasty burrs. I had to keep Roo on leash pretty much the whole time once we got into Arizona. I was happy to get back up to the PNW.

Thanks for the e-collar training. It really helped to make the road trip a great experience for both Roo and I.
— Kristen
I’ve been meaning to update you with Ryder’s progress. I think he’s doing great with his off leash radio collar training. ( And...this has greatly improved his recall when the remote collar isn’t on and I say Ryder come here! )

I haven’t had to use the remote correction at all. I’ve called him to come here when a deer was really close, ducks, people, dogs. Every time he comes to me. There have been occasions when I say Ryder come here and he doesn’t come fast but walks s l o w. But still he comes. Sometimes all I have to say is his name. A lot of the time if we’re in the woods, he walks or runs ahead but turns back to me or turns and waits. Sometimes in the area behind our house, he runs up over the little hill out of sight, which I try not to let him do, but he’s not anywhere that he’ll be in harms way. If I call him he comes back to me.
— Jeanne
Nate is the best dog trainer alive!!!
— A Happy Dog Owner
Hiro is doing great! We use his collar around our property these days, but we don’t turn it in- he behaves obediently whenever he wears it. I take him and his brother for a walk, Hiro without a leash, just the collar and he behaves so well. We are very proud of how well he behaves.
Thanks for your good work Nate.
— Neinah
I was hanging out with Henry in the back yard and I was looking at your Instagram video of Henry practicing “come here”. Henry heard you on the video and came racing over and jumped on my lap and started licking my face he was so excited! He did it 3 times! I think he misses you! :) It was super cute!
— Lynette
I wanted to update you on Bullet and Colt. They are doing great. My son had a friend over yesterday; he was able to enter the house without the dogs barking or charging the door. Colt went off to sulk and Bullet sat quietly; even walked up to the boy to get petted. That is the first time in a very long time we have let someone into the house without the dogs in a crate in a different room.

Boomer the puppy just finished his 3rd week in his puppy class. I am doing much better keeping him back when people come to the door. The class has been extremely helpful for me.

Thank you so much for you help!
— A Happy Dog Owner
We just finished our first training session with Nate! We worked with the remote and loose leash walking. Nate is fabulous! He relates and explains concepts in a very understandable way. Looking forward to working with him. Ryder and I will have to keep at this....there have been lots of times where I think...I don’t think we’ll “ever” get there! Nate said Ryder has a good foundation...he just needs fine tuning....and...he’s still a teenager! You must miss him at Puppy Manners but I bet you’re proud that he now has his own dog training program.
— A Happy Dog Owner
Nate, thank you, for making Benny such a good boy. Never thought I’d be able to truly say that!
— A Happy Dog Owner
Ryder was a rock star with the E-Collar this weekend! I set it at 10. We walked along a gravel trail above the Columbia river. If he veered off towards the water, I called him to come here and he responded every time. Big distractions like a person walking their dog on leash, I called Ryder, he kept walking forward, I pushed the button once, called him back and he came back to me right away. A group of people with 4 little dogs came walking towards us, I had Ryder sit and wait, the little dogs were barking.....Ryder continued to sit until they passed. However, he did move before I said ok. But...I thought he did really well! He made no attempt to go up to the dogs.

Kenny and Courtney were on the path coming towards us when we were heading back. They squatted down ahead facing us. Ryder really wanted to run to them, I said right here, and Ryder stayed slightly ahead but near me the whole way. As we got closer to them, I said ok go run and he ran to them.

Swimming, he did really well. One time he ventured over to a dog tied to a tree, I called him, he still went to sniff, I pushed the button once, he came right back.
— Jeanne
He is doing amazing!! He is in bed by 9 every night, goes out for potty when we go to bed at 11:00 – he is up by 6:45 (I would prefer 7:30 – but beggars can’t be choosers). Does his potty breaks and then has breakfast, walk after breakfast, more potty breaks and then he is crated for several hours without complaint. He now has very few accidents in the house and goes into his crate on the command “load up”. Still working on ignoring him when we come into the room and trying to break the jumping up habit, which is much better. He is pretty awesome otherwise!!
— Diane
Excellent day and course. Thanks!
— David
Nate is awesome, motivating, provides excellence service and education and is professional and positive.
— A Happy Dog Owner
Thanks so much for coming out today to help us. My daughter especially benefited, she needs confidence in her interactions with Sam.
— Christa
I wanted to follow up with you delivering Hiro back to us and the continued home training.
Hiro is doing very well, I take him for walks on the long leash and practice, down, wait, come, and having him walk a little behind me. He is sometimes slow to follow orders, but I have no bad behaviors to report so far. - No pulling, bolting, when walking - which is such a change!!!

He’s doing so well on the “come Hiro,” he ALWAYS comes to me in the house and on the long leash when we are out walking!!!

We are thrilled by how well he has taken to the training. He is still a little stubborn, but he is a Sheba, I think in the long run, the benefits
of being a well trained, obedient pooch far out weigh being a willful “bad dog,” which he no longer is!
— Neinah
Had a nice walk with Luna just now. She didn’t pull me down the street but walked just behind my left foot. How nice!!!
— Jackie G
Very intelligent dog trainer that is well equipped for the job at hand! Personable and assertive.
— A Happy Dog Owner
Thanks again for coming out to our house and discussing Elli, Coco and Cooper.. Since your visit we have had no further incidents of aggressive behavior with any of the pack.. We make them sit and stay prior to opening doors, we’ve effectively kept Coco out of Ellie’s space and everyone seems to be getting along OK.. We have had several outings to Marymoor with no incidents... We realize we need to be consistent with our behavior and we’ve held several training sessions with our dogs and ourselves to keep it all fresh in our minds.
— John and Debbie
Sadie had a great time. I was very grateful to be able to leave her with you. Thanks so much!!!
— A Happy Dog Owner
The kids are doing great practicing commands with Rex. We definitely see a difference between old Rex and new Rex!
— A Happy Dog Owner
Thanks Nate for continuing to give us tools to train our dog.
— A Happy Dog Owner
We are so pleased with Sadie’s progress. She’s much calmer and is responding to commands quite well. I especially appreciate the positive, loving training techniques that Nate and his staff use. In addition the training we received was invaluable as we begin to work with Sadie at home.
— A Happy Dog Owner
First, let me start by saying that we don’t recognize Bella, I mean this in a good way! Both Tristan and I are simply amazed.

-Tristan asked Bella to go down in the yard, she did, he came inside and forgot to release the command and she was still down 15 minutes later!
-When we go in the backyard, she does not leave our side until we tell her to go.
-She doesn’t come inside the house unless we tell her to, even with the door wide open and us inside.

Bella has never been to our house before it’s a completely new environment. 3 big scary men were working inside on the remodel BUT she still went to see them! Her confidence is definitely up and we are giving her time to adjust to the new house.

You and your team are miracle workers! We will never be able to fully express our gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Adriana and Tristan