iPuppy Kindergarten

iPuppy Kindergarten


Puppy Kindergarten is the most important class your pup will attend. It gives them the foundation for learning and provides preventative training needed to succeed in our home, community and the world around them. So start off on the right paw with the whole family in our iPuppy kindergarten class! This class is designed for puppies 8 - 20 weeks. Keep in mind this means 8- 20 weeks of age at the time your class starts (small and toy breeds are allowed up to 24 weeks). If your puppy is on the border of being too old for this class, contact us before registering so we can direct you to the appropriate class. Email is generally the fastest way to contact us and we try to return all emails and phone calls within 24 to 48 hours. This class is an hour long, 1 day per week for 5 weeks. 

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Here is a glance at what you and your pup will learn in class: 
We start by teaching you the importance of raising a calm puppy and addressing issues such as mouthing, jumping, potty training, etc. You will also learn how to teach your puppy “the big three”: sit, down, and wait but the learning doesn’t stop there! Our class covers the intro to leash manners, creating schedule for your pup, crate training, setting healthy boundaries and much more. Keep in mind puppies need to have fun too therefore we want you to know which interactions between pups and people are good and which to avoid. Not all play foster good habits some build bully behaviors and aggression. Because it is hard to know what is “good play” and what is “bad play” we will teach you great ways to build a bond, play good games, and encourage manners!  

“Free play” and Puppy socialization: 
We incorporate “free play” into our classes believing it’s a FUN and vital part of your dog's emotional and mental health, not to mention their attitudes! Keep in mind the prime window to socialize your puppy is prior to 16 weeks of age. Unfortunately, that’s a short window of opportunity and the socialization window drastically closes in the proceeding months so don't miss it! Socialization should always be in the context of “safety first”, taking note of the age, size, and temperament of each dog. Starting socialization late or missing this critical window altogether can cause many issues ranging from: fear or anti-social behavior (toward people and dogs), a lack of confidence, and uncertainty of new environments. In other situations the dog may lack the ability to pick up on social cues from their peers. Dogs can even become bullies or aggressive and may need to be re-homed or worse. 

  • Puppies are NOT to greet each other on leash or before free play. 

What should you bring to class?

  • You, your family and your dog. Training class is a family affair! 
  • Proof of VACCINATIONS is required the day your class starts. Your dog must be current on all vaccinations (Bordetella/ Kennel Cough vaccination is among those). If possible, please have your vet administer the Bordetella vaccine a minimum 2 weeks before your class starts. 
  • Proof of a clean fecal test within the last 6 months is required the day your class starts. 
  • Bring something that you know your dog likes to chew on. 
  • Also bring soft chewable treats.
  • Leash requirements are: Please use a standard 5 foot or 6 foot leash. "Flexi leashes" or leashes that can retract are prohibited! These types of leashes are not allowed in or around the classroom. Only a fixed five to six foot length leash is acceptable.

Things to know:

  • Your vet may recommend isolating your puppy from other pups or dogs until they’re fully vaccinated thus waiting to socialize them. The unsafe places your vet is more than likely referring to are: dog parks, people parks where dogs have the opportunity to greet on leash, beaches, trails, pet stores and other potential non-vaccinated doggy areas. They may also be referring to areas where you don't have control over the dogs your pup will meet… Or the environment which they are exposed too. Rest assured all puppies in our classes have been vet checked and are current on their vaccinations. All puppies that are allowed to participate in the “free play” time have clean fecal tests and are up to date on all age appropriate shots. It's our requirement that the above criteria be met for admission to our classes and making our environment a safe place!
  • All puppies must be on leash from the moment they leave your car to go to class until class is over and they are back in your car.
  • Puppies and dogs are NOT to greet each other on leash- at all.Children attending class: Kids age 7 and older are welcome in class if they are non disruptive. If you bring multiple kiddos to class we require a minimum two adults to attend the same classes the kiddos are attending. Please keep in mind that every person attending our classes has paid the tuition and it is not fair to them if our younger attendees are making it difficult to concentrate or listen to the lessons. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Attention, Dog Trainers or Dog professionals: If you plan on signing up for our classes or know you will be attending we required you email us prior. This is a professional courtesy making us aware that you would like to attend. If accepted into our classes you are required to remove your “trainer’s hat” and are ONLY participate as a student. You are not allowed to advertise, solicit to, or train any Digg It Dog Training’s students/ clients.