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iDog Hits the Trails Intro

Join us, Digg It family for our iDog Hits the Trails adventure class! You and your four legged friend will tackle the PNW one beaten path at time! Learning proper trail etiquette, path problem solving, and how to effectively share a trail with other dogs and their owners. We'll also address the "what ifs" and "unexpecteds". So lace your boots, find your leash and sign up for class!

* 6’ leash (leather leash & LucasAgnew 66”)
* Longline, LucasAgnew Longline
* Treat pouch
* Small lightweight backpack or fanny pack
* Portable water bowl

This is a four week class. (Sept. 13th - Oct. 4th)

Prerequisite for registration is iDog 100 and or iDog 201

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iDog RemoteCollar seminar for the beginner

The iDog RemoteCollar seminar for the beginner is now open for registration. This is your chance to learn how to use a remote collar in a fun, safe, and humane way. Traditionally doggy owners are taught through private lessons. Signing up for a minimum of five lessons to learn how to use this tool but in our fun three day seminar you will work one on one with your puppy coaches and partner with other students like you! The goal for the weekend is to teach people and their dogs the basics of remote collar work, familiarizing you and your dog with the equipment and building confidence with mom and dad. A limited 10 spots are available so register now. Email

Our three-day workshop will be posted on the class schedule. Every day we will start at 9:30am and end our day at 5pm. But may run a little later, 5:30pm 

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