Hi All iPuppy and iDog 100 students!

Crystal Creek Farms is where all your iPuppy kindergarten (at 9am) and iDog 100 (at 10:15am) classes are hosted.
Address & directions to Crystal Creek Farms are below as well as what you need to bring to class! 
Address: 8902 222nd Street SE, Woodinville, WA 98077-8049
Digg It Dog Training: 2062297372

To drive to Crystal Creek Farms from the North or South:

  • I-405 toward Bothell (Bothell is north of Bellevue/Kirkland and south of Lynwood/Everett)
  • From NORTHbound I-405, take Exit 23 which is labeled: "SR-522 East to Woodinville/Wenatchee"
  • From SOUTHbound I-405, take Exit 23A which is labeled: "SR-522 East to Woodinville/Monroe"
  • Stay on SR-522 eastbound for about 5.5 miles until you come to a traffic signal on the freeway -- this is NOT an "offramp" type of exit. There is an actual traffic light on the freeway!
  • Paradise Lake Road east (which is the first traffic signal after you get on SR-522 eastbound)
  • East Bostian Road south (which is the first street after you turn onto Paradise Lake Road — at the Shell gas station)
  • 222nd Street SE east (which is the first street after you turn south on East Bostian Road — 222nd only goes left because the freeway is on your right)

Gravel driveway south at 8902 222nd Street SE (it's the first driveway on your right hand side after you turn onto 222nd Street SE)

Important Details:

  • Don't get off SR-522 in Woodinville -- keep going about 5.5 miles (on SR-522 east bound like you're going to Monroe) up a long hill and down the other side. A lot of people make the mistake of getting off SR-522 at the Dairy Queen exit. Fight the urge to do that. Keep going on SR-522 until you encounter a traffic light on the freeway.

Paradise Lake Road is not an off ramp exit. It is a traffic light on the freeway. And, it is the first traffic light you will encounter after getting

  • on SR-522.
  • East Bostian Road parallels SR-522 on the east side of the freeway. After you turn onto Paradise Lake Road, you only travel a very short distance, like 200 feet, before you turn right (south) onto East Bostian Road. It's a very short distance from SR-522 to East Bostian Road.
  • 222nd Street SE is only 4 tenths (0.4) of a mile down East Bostian Road. It is the first street you come to and you can only go one way on it — east.
  • After turning onto 222nd Street SE, our driveway is right at the corner on the south side of the street. You won't even get your car turned all the way and there's our driveway! You'll know it's our gravel driveway by the "Invisible Fence®" sign. It's a white sign with a big, beautiful Golden Retriever on it.

Drive (SLOWLY) all the way down the gravel driveway until you come to the end; the driveway forks. Take the left branch of the fork onto Bark Ave and you're there!


Can children come to class?

We believe training a puppy/dog is a family affair and we love working with kids! We do have limited class size and we do request that toddlers not attend for obvious safety reasons but we welcome children over the age of 6 as long as they are not disruptive and are willing to remain seated in the class room. There are some exercises they are welcome to be part of and some exercises that it's one handler and one dog on the floor and the children need to stay seated. Some exercises are for adults only and the children will need to stay seated and observe. We do not want you to miss out on training your dog because you don't have a babysitter. We do reserve the right to ask that you leave your children at home should they become a distraction to the rest of the class. Please: NO children under age 6 in class. We are a family-friendly environment and we totally understand the need to train the puppy and work with small children. This is best served with a private, in-home lesson if you have toddlers. We raised three children and many dogs together. We understand your struggles. Group classes will serve you best if you can leave the younger children at home and apply what you learn in class once you get back home. We are happy to provide you and our family with a private lesson if you feel your family needs some one-on-one time with a family dog trainer.


What do I need to bring?                                                        

iPuppy kindergarten: Your dog should wear a flat buckle collar to class, the one that typically has carries your dog's ID and rabies tag. We prefer the flat nylon or leather type with the plastic quick release; not the metal belt buckle type. Bring choke chains or pinch collars to class and we will check to make sure they are fitted properly and you are using them correctly. No chain leashes or retractable leads. You need a 4-foot to 6-foot nylon or leather leash. We prefer leather leashes and we have an assortment available should you wish to purchase one. Bring treats! 


iDog 100: Please bring any collar, harness or head halter that you have been using on your dog. We prefer to see what you have been using and we may make suggestions for you to try something different. If you are using "choke chains" or "pinch collars", please bring them to class and we will check to make sure they are fitted properly and you are using them correctly- this is a no shame environment and we believe training has to be comfortable for you and your dog. No chain leashes or retractable leads. You need a 4-foot to 6-foot nylon or leather leash. We prefer leather leashes and we have an assortment available should you wish to purchase one. Again, no retractable (Flexi-type) leashes or chain leashes. 


Please bringing along the following:


  • A small rug or towel for your dog to lie on.
  • A chew bone (rawhide) or toy as long as it doesn't squeak! This gives him something to do while we talk. Bring treats, treats, treat!
  • Plastic bag for clean up. Hope you won't need them but always come prepared!
  • Vaccination records. We accept either a current vaccine history or a current titers test for rabies and fecal report from within the last 6 months.
  • All dogs also need current fecal test results.
  • Please have your dogs vet records- vaccination and fecal report with you the first day of class.
  • Please bring your payment with you if you have not paid online- Credit/Debit cards, checks, or cash are excepted.
  • Special training collars will be provided for sale should your dog require an alternative, along with other helpful training tools.
  • Please do not feed your dog before you bring him to class. You want your dog to be hungry because a hungry puppy is a more attentive puppy! (The exception to this rule might be a retriever who can become too distracted by food if too hungry. In this case, feeding him his meal prior to class is fine!)